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Hi I'm Kay! I am the woman behind the camera, owner & operator of this forever growing business, the one that hand edits all galleries, the one that meets you for consultations & talks you through wardrobe decisions, the one that makes silly noises & does silly dances to make sure your little's are smiling, and the one reminding your significant other to smile because it makes you happy! But besides all that I am just like most of you, I am a mom to a handsome little boy, a dog mom to 3 crazy boxer's, a Jeep owner, and an always exploring always capturing outdoor Florida girl.

I have the ability and experience to photograph just about any type of session you can think of; from Lifestyle Semi-Posed Newborn shoots, to Boudoirs, Weddings, Events, Families, Maternity, Graduations, Couples, Birthdays, and just about everything in between. I began photographing back when I was little with a tiny old Barbie Polaroid, then moved up to a point & shoot around elementary age, upgraded a few times in middle school, finally got my first DSLR in High School when I joined a Photography class & Yearbook class. Once I graduated I took specific college classes for business and photography. After having a stable desk job for years and switching to and from multiple different customer service jobs and then finding out I was about to have have a little one and I still wasn't in love with my career at 22, I finally decided it was time to put my dream into action. After many model calls and lighting practice shoots all over central Florida, I opened a licensed and insured photography business. Little by little I have worked on quality, quantity,  consistent editing, collaborating with amazing labs to produce art including prints, metals, & more it started becoming not only a business, it became a passion. A strive to give better, be better, and consistently pushing to produce the best and most beautiful art work I can. A few years later I turned 24 and sold my neighborhood home and purchased a 5 beautiful private acred property with an older style home & separate building that I knew would one day be my own studio. Slowly but surely I added fencing, gating, antique cars of all styles & made sure it would be all accessible for any photoshoot. About a year later I started remodeling the first part of the indoor studio which is now the reveal room, another year came by and I remodeled the second part which is now the boudoir room, and a separate changing room. During that time I continued to purchase more & more unique and multi-purpose props of all shapes, sizes, and worked on growing my social media. After enhancing those 3 years of striving to be better I decided to change the name of that photography business which was formally known as Kay's Captured Moments Photography to what is now known as Kay Michelle Photography, Studio, & Boudoir (Yay!).  Currently I specialized in boudoir as I have found my true passion is encouraging mostly women but really all humans that they are absolutely perfect just the way they come! As of September 2022 I am counting 6+ years of business, and will be soon adding on yet another studio and something else super BIG as well! Stay tuned! But since way back then of having a dream to now living this dream, I still strive everyday to be the best I can, continue to grow, and hopefully meet you one day! 

Don't forget to click the here in order to schedule your over the phone, in studio, or in person consults to be able to chat with me to see if we are a good fit, and discuss any & all  details for you to book an amazing experience with me, Kay Michelle!

I'm looking forward to chatting & meeting you soon!

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