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Hi I'm Kay! I am the woman behind the camera, owner & operator of this small growing business, the one that hand edits all galleries, the one that meets you for consultations & talks you through wardrobe decisions, the one that makes silly noises & does silly dances to make sure your little's are smiling, and the one reminding your significant other to smile because it makes you happy! But besides all that I am just like most of you, I am a mom to a handsome little boy, a dog mom to 3 crazy boxer's, a wife to my best friend, a Jeep owner, and I pay bills and taxes (Omg! Crazy... right?!)

I photograph just about any type of session from Lifestyle Semi-Posed Newborn shoots, to Boudoirs, Weddings, Events, Families, Maternity, Graduations, and just about everything in between. I began photographing back when I was little with a tiny old Barbie Polaroid, then moved up to a point & shoot around elementary age, upgraded a few times in middle school, finally got my first DSLR in High School when I joined a Photography class & Yearbook class. Once I graduated I took specific college classes for business and photography. After having a stable desk job for years then having my son, I finally decided it was time to put my dream into action, so after many model calls and practice, I opened a licensed and insured photography business. Little by little I have worked on quality, quantity,  consistent editing, purchased 5 beautiful private acres all accessible for any photoshoot, built & remodeled my indoor studio to that property, continue to purchase more & more unique and multi-purpose props, and work on growing my social media. Once I did that I changed the name of that photography business which was formally known as Kay's Captured Moments Photography to what is now known as Kay Michelle Photography (Yay!) Since then, I still strive everyday to be the best I can, continue to grow, and hopefully meet you one day! 

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19701 County Road 450 Umatilla, FL 32712

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